Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It was bound to happen

What is "it," you may be asking? Well.  I am, in general, a fan of knitting things 2 at a time on one long circular needle, whether it's socks or sweater sleeves. This is a good way to get both done at once AND have them be identical.  Problem with this method is that, inevitably, at some point or another, I am bound to knit the two together. And that's exactly what I did today.  Doh! Took a bit of unknitting to get back on track, but I've fixed the mistake and am back on track.

In other news, the Mr and I are in the process of moving to a much smaller house. To put it in perspective: the old house is about 2,300 square feet, and the new house is less than 800 square feet. Needless to say, quite a bit of decluttering is in progress at the mo'. While in some ways it has made me a little sad, I'm feeling much lighter and happier at the idea of not hauling a bunch of stuff I don't need/want/use to a house where there is no room for extraneous stuff anyway.  I sold quite a bit of my stash to one of my besties over the weekend (but only because she insisted on paying me!). She is now the happy owner of several alpaca fleeces, and a metric TON of yarn, a lot of which will be used for her guild's charity work.

This is what my stash (well most of it) looks like now.  All that's missing is a big bin of yarn about the size of the brown one in the right corner.

I will keep ya posted on how the "stash room" takes shape over the next few weeks. Right now it's time for bed!


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