Monday, January 03, 2022

Off the needles

This was done with some leftover Malabrigo Rios (colors: Bobby Blue, Pearlten, Natural). And a pompom on top that a knitting buddy gifted to me a while back.  I love it so much!

There have been lots of developments since I last blogged and I really haven't been up to much that's blogworthy.  Or so I thought.  But last spring I bought a house! My craft room hasn't really been unpacked or set up yet. I'm thinking about the best solution for storing my yarns and fibers so that I can see them, rather than keeping them in big plastic bins.  Got ideas? Let me see 'em!

This year I'm going to focus on finishing or frogging the eleventy million projects I have on needles and hooks.  Stay tuned for more info as things progress!



  1. fabulous, Eboni. for yarn storage, you could get sets of cubes (that you must have seen on vids?) wooden/metal/plastic shelves, or even bookcase type furniture. keep taking care <3

    1. The crazy thing is that I used to have wire cubes like you describe, but then I moved to a much smaller house so I got rid of them. And now I’m in a bigger house where I have room for them. I’m shopping around but I have a LOT of yarn lol


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