Monday, September 20, 2004

long time no knitting

good morning, cyber friends!

wow it's been weeks it seems, since i picked up my needles. life has been a flurry of hecticness, but i spent lots of yesterday knitting my heart out! i finished a diagonal washcloth, and started another one from my "dishcloths from the heart" booklet (see below for link). got halfway through it and messed up....that's what i get for watching tv and trying to knit in the dark (we were watching the first season of '24' on DVD). i ripped out and started mistakes yet! i will try to remember to post pix soon!

i am looking for a nice pattern for booties or sox for a baby boy...a woman who works at the bakery next door to my job is pregnant with her first child and even though i don't know her, i'd like to make something to mark this wonderful occasion (that, plus i like making baby stuff!). if you know of any easy, but lovely patterns, please do let me know. i prefer knitting on double points but hey, i'm flexible. thanks in advance!

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