Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Purled Heart washcloth

and so it begins.

this is the first dish/washcloth i've made from the "dishcloths from the heart" booklet. i like using hand knit cloths for washing myself as opposed to washing dishes, but they are good for that too. i think the first one i made really spoiled me so now i use them almost exclusively. i like garter stitch ones. they feel soooooooo good when i wash my face! sorry the pic is a little on the dark side, but i had to do take the pic in lighting that would allow the subtle design to show up. but most of these cloths that i'm making are destined to become nice christmas gifts. i think a few hand-knit cloths, along with my favorite bar soap would make a nice gift for someone, don't you?

so tonight i plan to do a bit of knitting before i go pick up a couple of mega-millions tickets. (the boyfriend and i have grandiose dreams of what we'll do when we strike it rich!) it's a toss-up between working on a diagonal dishcloth and starting my regia socks again. i was working on the heel when i frogged. i don't quite "get" the sherman heel but that's only because i've never done one. mine didn't look quite like the picture...looked a little...i dunno, crooked or something. but that could be simply because i lost my place in the pattern and kind of "guesstimated" where i was. so, we rip and try again. "just keep knitting, just keep knitting...." ;-)

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  1. yeah..what yarn did you use for the dishcloth?



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