Monday, September 27, 2004

NYC ... here we come!

[ mood meter -- good, considering i didn't sleep well ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- some construction guys jackhammering the road ]

the Knit Out is happening here this weekend. i was planning to go with NAM and a few others for a whole day of fun playing with yarn, etc. yesterday morning NAM called me and said, "let's drive to new york on sunday to go to their Knit Out instead!" and in true lucy and ethel fashion, i said, "OKAY!" NAM's mom is going with us, so we can split the driving between the three of us. this is one of our last-minute, hare-brained ideas...destined to be a classic! i will take pix with the cell phone camera and post them when we get back!

in knitting news, i finished one of the baby bibs i'm making, and will start another tonight as JWJ and i continue watching season 2 of '24' on dvd. i've also started making 7" afghan squares for charity....a good way to use up yarn!

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  1. Ebony...I love the baby bibs and you designed them. That's awesome. I'm glad that I found you as I moved to, too (

    Have a great day.


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