Friday, October 22, 2004

finished first mitten

...but i don't like it. part of the problem, methinks, is that i neglected to check my gauge before i started the pattern. i went ahead and finished but started another one; this time i went up one needle size. gauge is supposed to be 5-1/2 sts/in...i had 5. so i'll use the bigger needle and see. i might have to go up still another size. i think i will go to a bigger size when i get to the mitten tip. anyway, i will post a pic tonight so you can see what i'm talkign about. the little girl who these mittens are for may be visiting with her parents this evening so i'll have her try it on anyway, just to see how it fits. i'll tell her they're for someone else and i need her to try them on...hopefully she won't get suspicious :-)

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