Monday, October 04, 2004

monday musings

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JWJ's birthday party on saturday was a lot of fun. we had about 9 people over (including us). the raspberry cheesecake that i bought from DN make was gooooooood. it got rave reviews from everyone right after they had their first bite. haha i put "trick" candles on the cake, mixed in with regular ones so he had a hard time blowing them all out. what a riot!

i'm learning to knit "continental" -- which makes sense because when i crochet i have the yarn in my left hand. may as well keep it in my left when i knit, too, right? i just learned intarsia too. next is fair isle so i can make JWJ a dale of norway sweater that he likes. it's 6003 kameleon:

i tell him it might be about 2 years before he gets it, but if he wants it, i'll make it :-) i'm a damn good girlfriend LOL

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  1. I thought Intarsia was so difficult and I really enjoy doing it except for weaving in all of those ends. I am going to knit a Kaffe Fassett Sweater with Intarsia diamonds for the spring after all of my winter projects are done.

    Remember, to put a hair from your head in the knitted sweater that you are knitting for your boyfriend. As many people have knitted sweaters for their boyfriends and broke up after receiving the sweater. I knitted one for my now husband and we actually did break up after I gave him the sweater I knitted. So...anyway. It's probably a stupid wife's tale. Tee Hee Hee


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