Wednesday, October 06, 2004

if i'm sittin, i'm knittin

[ mood meter -- happy ]

i know it looks like i don't have much on my stick these days, but i promise i have been knitting! i made a baby bib (still needs a button...see pattern link below) and washcloth set for the woman who works at the bakery near where i work. i will give it to her next time i see her. she is due on oct. 8 so i assume she is on maternity leave.

i've also been whipping up afghan squares -- good for practicing knitting continental and for using up extra yarn. i like to do easy stuff that i can knit in near darkness when JWJ and i are watching tv. if we have the lights out, it's almost like being at the movies...whaddya expect with a 70" screen? haha i'm also working on a dishcloth for my "sista" from Dishcloths R US (DRU). it's been knitted and frogged about 4 times since yesterday. right now i'm just purling every row. i hate purling so the only reason i'm doing it is for practice practice practice (how else does one get to carnegie hall?). those dang-on regia socks...who knows when i'll get back to them. i see the yarn sitting on the table every morning...looking lonely and sad. but i have more christmas presents to get started and done...time's a-wasting!

speaking of christmas, i have started the newsletter already. didn't do one last year cuz i was completely NOT in the christmas spirit and nearly didn't even put up the tree. i kinda forced myself to do it, and i felt better afterward, but all the drama from last summer really had me down. but enough of that. mzundercover is feeling all warm and fuzzy just thinking about christmas! i will give hand knitted gifts and homemade baked goods this year (cookies, breads, etc). JWJ will get something from his wishlist (probably DVDs or something). he doesn't usually wear hats...maybe i'll make him one of those seamen's scarves. and maybe i'll make it in black red and green to go with that wristband i whipped up for him over the summer. (he doesn't read this so the surprise won't be ruined!)

well, friends, that's it for now. i will write again soon!

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