Friday, January 21, 2005

my comfortghan

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y'all yesterday i had just an "icky" day. i woke up feeling like i'm coming down with a cold. it was freezing outside and the news this morning promised snow and more cold for the rest of the week and weekend (oooh and i get the dubious honor of working tomorrow). after work i had to scrape my car, and navigate slow highway traffic. i decided to stop at the grocery and pick up a few things (grapes on sale for $0.99/pound, bread, lunchmeat, the usual boring stuff). it was pretty much dark by the time i got
home, and i still had to get out of the car and drag the garbage bin back into the garage. i walked in with my arms full of groceries, and i was cold and snowy.

i went downstairs to kiss jay and he said, "you got a package."

"huh? i'm not expecting anything."

he shrugs. "i dunno. UPS brought it and the box is all torn up."

well, curiosity got the best of me so i grabbed my trusty box cutter and opened the box. when i saw what was in it i ran back downstairs to show jay.


it is so beautiful! i have to find the digital camera so i can take a picture of it to share with you. i immediately put it on the bed (on my side since i have a tendency to be cold), and let me tell ya, it was -just- the thing to keep this sista warm :-)


  1. Lovely afghan, and just in time for the bad weather. You are lucky

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM GMT-5

    What a great surprise in the middle of this dreary winter. It looks fabulous.
    Sharon (Knitknacks)

  3. What a wonderful surprise just when you needed it. Very pretty! Red is one of my favorite colors.


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