Thursday, January 20, 2005

yeah, i said it.

[ mood meter -- cranky ]

i haven't felt like knitting. yep, you heard right. no knitting. it's probably been, oh, 2 weeks since i've actually had the needles in my hand for more than a few minutes. life has gotten in the way. laundry needs washing, dinner needs cooking, the book needs writing. and, i admit, i probably spend too much time on the computer, chatting with my co-author and some of my fiber-friends. and, i've been spending the last few nights working on balancing my root and heart chakras.

the absolute LAST thing i need to do is start another project. but....i'm going to do it anyway. one of my good friends from high school is pregnant with her first baby (a girl!), who's due to arrive in early march. i've been thinking about what to make her, and decided on this. i have the prettiest pastel variegated's so cute and "girly." i was gonna start it last night but the dpns i have are all metal and too slippery to hold the yarn. but....the bright idea side of me kicked in and started to make dpns out of some bamboo skewers. i sharpened the blunt ends with a pencil sharpener last night. this evening i will sand them down with fine sandpaper and i should be good to go. i am thinking about maybe knitting up a cute teddy bear for her too. we'll see how it goes. the "bare that belly" sweater is on hold for now....stay tuned!

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