Sunday, January 02, 2005

new year knitting "opportunities"

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very early this morning (between 4am and 6am) i was reading some knitting blogs. this knitter mentioned how one of her middle school teachers didn't call tests "tests" -- rather, he called them "opportunities." she is using "opportunities" instead of "resolutions." i like the idea, so i'm copying it! (thanks, christina!)

anyway, i decided to list a few craft-related "opportunities" for 2005:

  • learn to spin (i have been properly "enabled" by a couple of my friends!)
  • learn fair isle and complete a fair isle project
  • make a sweater (i picked the pattern, bought the yarn but am scared to death of actally DOING it!)
  • design a pattern (and knit it up)
  • take sewing lessons
  • start on the christmas 2005 knitting!!!!

    1. Happy New Year! Great opportunities. :) I just ordered a fair-isle book. I hope it has all the traditional patterns in it. I'm kinda psyched about it. Can you tell? :P

    2. Amber Fry's a knitter.


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