Sunday, January 02, 2005

new year knitting "opportunities"

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very early this morning (between 4am and 6am) i was reading some knitting blogs. this knitter mentioned how one of her middle school teachers didn't call tests "tests" -- rather, he called them "opportunities." she is using "opportunities" instead of "resolutions." i like the idea, so i'm copying it! (thanks, christina!)

anyway, i decided to list a few craft-related "opportunities" for 2005:

  • learn to spin (i have been properly "enabled" by a couple of my friends!)
  • learn fair isle and complete a fair isle project
  • make a sweater (i picked the pattern, bought the yarn but am scared to death of actally DOING it!)
  • design a pattern (and knit it up)
  • take sewing lessons
  • start on the christmas 2005 knitting!!!!

    1. Happy New Year! Great opportunities. :) I just ordered a fair-isle book. I hope it has all the traditional patterns in it. I'm kinda psyched about it. Can you tell? :P

    2. I need to learn how to spin too. I was given a beautiful drop spindle and some roving from one of my secret pals and I haven't had the nerve to try it yet. I'd like to learn to sew too. I can sew by hand, but have lived in fear of sewing machines for years.

      It amazes me sometimes what memories stay with you from grade school. We would have to take a semester each of woodshop, drafting, cooking and sewing. The only things I remember from any of them is bombing really badly in sewing (major reason for that fear of sewing machines) and the drafting teacher. I can still hear his southern drawl talking about "oppourtunities).

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