Thursday, June 30, 2005

finally back from chicago ...

... and i'm damn glad to be home! unfortunately i was unable to make it to the knitter's meetup at ALA last friday. i was in a meeting that ended shortly before that and i was pooped so i went back to my hotel, took a shower and was asleep before it was even dark outside! i did manage to get about 8 more inches knitted on the red scarf, though, so it's nearly halfway finished. yay!

yesterday i started another baby project from the stash yarn that one of my online knitting friends gifted me with. in the box, she also included a mostly finished 5-hour baby sweater (which i will give to a friend of mine). turns out that i have the exact yarn that the sweater was knitted with, so i cast on yesterday for a matching hat. i have NO idea about what size babies' heads are, so this will just be my "best guess." we'll just see how it turns out!

i have this dilemma about what to do with a BUNCH of afghan squares that i have. they were all made 2 years ago when i was in a square swap. i've never done anything with 'em, and i haven't yet had the time or the desire to join them into an afghan. they're rainbow colors (that was the theme of the swap), and i joined it because i was going through a bad emotional time. i figured knitting and crocheting all that bright cheery yarn would help me get happy again ... and it did. i guess the squares themselves could serve as reminders of the drama i was going through and that those clouds really do have silver lining, right?

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  1. Well, I am glad to know someone else was as tired as me at ALA. It was so HOT in Chicago, worse than Alabama. I knit about 2 rows on my sock.


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