Tuesday, August 21, 2007

log cabin baby blanket -- DONE!

last night i finally finished the log cabin baby blanket that i started in january!!!! woo hoo!!! i ended up not making it as big as i wanted to, but it's still a generous size for a baby ... i think it's at least 2.5 feet square. AND i have plenty of pastels and other baby-appropriate yarn left over so i can start making another blanket ... but NOT a log cabin :-) i tossed it in the laundry as soon as i bound off the last stitch and it smells so fresh and cuddly. almost makes me wanna go get pregnant right now. almost.

but for now, i have some work to do, then maybe a quick run to the grocery. i'm SO SAD that my research leave is over this week. it's almost time to get back to reality, and I'M NOT READY!


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