Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my first afghan square design!

dude, i am SO excited about this. i've been wanting to design this square for quite some time now and just got around to doing it last night. making the chart was easy, and i'm really happy that the actual crocheted square looks just like it's supposed to :-) i feel like a proud mama!

i am planning to whip up a ton of these in scarlet and gray and stitch them together into an afghan. i will keep the first one for myself (or maybe as a gift) and then make others to sell/donate to charity/give as gifts, etc. with all the OSU fans around here, that should be easy to do. GO BUCKEYES!!!

but for now, back to reading. break is over!



  1. Very nice... looking forward to your completed Afghan. I hope you had a beautiful time in Las Vegas.

  2. wow, thats awesome that you went for it and achieved it!


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