Wednesday, August 22, 2007

log cabin fever

you know how in my last post i said i wasn't going to do another log cabin blanket? i lied. big time. i started another one last night, only it's crocheted. it's turning out sooo well so far. i started with a 7" afghan square, and i made 3 cute flowers that i stitched on to it. then i just started picking up stitches and crocheting a 7-row block, turned and crocheted another 7-row block, and on and on. it's turning out great so far. i don't have any pix yet but as soon as i get a little further along i'll post some. it's going into my pile of baby stuff, and it's definitely "girly." i'm nowhere near pregnant yet but whenever it happens i will be ready :-)

maybe i'll go crochet a little more on it while i watch judge judy. i'd love to go outside and pull weeds but it's like 90 degrees with 60% humidity. so i'm planting myself on the couch until the sun goes down!


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  1. i loves me a good log cabin blanket. they always look really classic to me, if the colors are well chosen.


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