Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry belated christmas

hi friends,

here's hoping you had as awesome a christmas eve and christmas as i did! this is truly my favorite time of the year, especially when i'm on vacation :-) i've really been enjoying spending time with my family and friends and sharing all of the joy, love and cheer of the christmas season. settling in for some 2-fisted eating doesn't hurt either!

anyway, i've also been spending time thinking about projects for 2008. in addition to working on some of my UFOs, i'm going to make an effort to actually START the projects that i've already bought the yarn for! i have a baby blanket to make for a friend who is expecting in late 2008, some baby blankets to add to my baby stash even though i'm nowhere near pregnant, a block "O" afghan that i've started making squares for but stopped in august sometime...just a whole long list of stuff. and i've already chosen the theme for momma's dishcloths for next christmas...they will be all white (like this year) but they will be star and snowflake patterns. i think she'll love them. i'm aiming to make her at least six of them. here are links to some that i've chosen already:
i'm really happy that momma looks forward to her knitted and crocheted dishcloths every year. i love making them and she loves using them so it's a perfect combination!

so those are some of my plans for 2008. i hope to be a lot more productive with my knitting and crocheting, and i'd like to try some more challenging projects as well. we'll see how it goes. right now my challenge is to get off my butt and start the laundry!

talk to y'all soon,

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