Sunday, December 09, 2007

you got the right one, baby...uh huh!

i dunno if i mentioned this before or not, but one of mz's friends recently found out she is pregnant. of course, as soon as i heard this i started itching to start a baby gift for her. i picked up some yarn at my LYS the other day, and decided that it wasn't quite the right thing, so i went back yesterday. i learned how to use my drop spindle (and that reminds me, i have to practice for at least 15 mins today!), and bought some more baby-appropriate yarn. ever since, i have been looking for patterns, swatching, frogging, and looking for more patterns. i wasn't entirely sure what i was looking for, but i knew i wanted it to be crochet, all one piece (no stitching squares together for me!), easy to memorize, not too difficult and definitely nothing that started from the center and worked outward. should be easy to find something like that, right? as my high school chemistry teacher used to say, "WRONG-O!" but finally this morning i found just the right pattern and started crocheting a swatch:

this is the pound of love hooded baby blanket from lion brand and it is JUST what i was looking for! i will keep the swatch for my knitting journal. i probably won't work on this too much until after christmas but i was determined to find the right pattern so that when i AM ready to work on it, i can just get started.

oh yeah, check out my new bamboo crochet hook. it's fabulous. now i need to get a bunch more ;-)


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  1. Hey mz... I just deleted my old blog and started a newbie, but as I did so I clicked through the categories on my profile page. When I saw your answers I knew I had at last found my true lost sister!!!!


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