Saturday, December 08, 2007


the other night while i was exploring ravelry, i saw a post from someone in one of my groups that said one of the local yarn shops was having a holiday open house last night. so, i grabbed up one of my friends after work yesterday and we went. how fun! this is a shop that i haven't been to in a few years and now it's under new ownership. everyone is very nice and helpful. there were a bunch of women sitting in the comfy cozy sitting area knitting and chatting, and best of all, everything in the store was 20% off. so.......i bought a few things! can't take good pix right now because my camera is at canon being fixed (but it should be back to me next week). i will tell you that i bought about $99 worth of goodies...for only $79! most of what i bought is yarn to make some sort of baby gift for a friend who recently found out she is pregnant. not sure exactly what that gift will be yet. shame on me for buying yarn before i had a project in mind!

later today i'm going back to that same yarn shop for a "spin in" event. it's been ages since i've spun any yarn and i have completely forgotten how to use my spindles (one top whorl, one bottom whorl). so i'm going to go re-learn. and maybe buy some more stuff, who knows. i also have to do a bit more christmas shopping, run some errands (pharmacy & hardware store) then it's all about sitting at home and working on finishing some knitting projects.

hope y'all have a great saturday, too!


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