Saturday, November 09, 2013

Score at the thrift shop, or: This is f*cking awesome!

Last night after work, I stopped by the local thrift shop just for fun.  I was looking for sweaters that were 100% wool. Partly, I was looking for a felted one that I could cut into pieces and make coasters (which I did!), but I also wanted some to wear.  Sadly, I can't seem to knit them fast enough!

Here's the one I used for my coasters:

It didn't fit me but was slightly felted so I thought it'd be perfect for cutting.  Turns out I was right!

After I'd made a nice stack of them ...

... I thought about crocheting an edge around ...

... but figured out I really prefer the raw edges better.  

I'm not sure what I will do with the rest of the fabric, so if you have ideas, please let me know!

Next up is a 100% wool sweater that DOES fit:

It has been soaked and is now laying flat to dry on my blocking boards.  It'll be really nice to wear. Maybe a teeny bit itchy but hey, that's what long sleeve t-shirts are for! Next time I soak it I will add hair conditioner to the water.  I forgot about trying that little trick until the sweater was all laid out to dry.

In other knitting related news, I tried to um, organize my WIPs today.  This bin looks a LOT better now than it did this afternoon:

I know, right?  There are, um, close to 20 unfinished knitting projects in there.  TWENTY!  That's not even counting the stuff on needles and hooks right now that I'm actively working on. So that gave me an idea for a new plan, which is basically to work on only one or 2 projects at a time.  As I finish one, I'll pull another one out of the bin.  I have also decided for the time being to quit carrying a knitting bag AND a purse around.  Purse knitting will be smallish projects like socks, hats etc.  I have several socks in the works so I definitely won't lack a project to carry around!  Couch knitting will be larger stuff like sweaters.  The big knitting bag will still be put to good use, particularly when I travel, and ESPECIALLY when I'm hanging out with my knitting friends across the state. Those are times when you can never ever ever have too much knitting ... ask me how I know.  On second case, don't. Because I actually don't know what it's like to have too much knitting :-)

Last thing you'll hear from me tonight:  I'm still collecting photos of for the "warm woolies" series -- that is, photos of OTHER people's warm winter knits.  I hope to have another installment in the few days or so.

Until next time!



  1. What scores from the thrift shop! Can't wait to see your warm woollies update! You're inspiring me to get back to microblogging on tumbler or Instagram. :)

  2. Felted coasters! Brilliant! It seems so obvious *now* - LOL! That's a gorgeous sweater on you. I don't think I have ever once worn a sweater without a shirt under it.

  3. Have you thought about making it into a bag? I do something similar to this but cut longer straps from the sleeves and sew onto the shoulder edges. I also leave the sweater folded flat in the normal way, cut a square out of each edge of the rib, sew the bottom of the rib together to form a base and then square off to the cut edges - hope that makes sense, it's easier to do than describe!

    1. Wow, Yvonne what a cool idea! I may have to go stalk the thrift shop again soon, both for sweaters to wear and sweaters to cut up!

  4. Love thrift store finds. I found a Bond knitting machine for $7.00


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