Thursday, November 14, 2013

Warm woolies, part 2

Take a look at this cowl, willya?  It's a lovely handknit, the Honey Cowl, which is knitted in Madelinetosh DK.  This is already queued! Maybe I should go ahead and cast on sooner rather than later ... this would surely keep me cozy and warm during these cold Ohio winters.

I love, love, LOVE the cable patterns in this sweater.  It is not a hand-knit, and I didn't ask if I could check the fiber content.

There are SO many other knitted garments and accessories that I've seen around campus. Unless I've already been acquainted with the wearers, though, I admit to being a little shy about asking them if I can take photos. "Oh hey, yeah, I really like the knitted hat/scarf/mittens/sweater/socks, etc. that you're wearing ... um, d'you mind if I take a picture of it?"  How would you ask someone a question like that?How would you respond if someone asked you a question like that?  Inquiring minds want to know!

In any case, my own knitting adventures are moving along rather slowly.  I'm STILL working on the gray socks for my Mr.  It seems like the more I knit them, the less progress I make!  I'm down past the heel on the second sock, though, so i hope it's not too long until I'm at the toe.  They'll look great on him.  The other project in my purse/knitting bag is a dishcloth that I'm using to practice Tunisian simple stitch.  It's been forEVER since I've done Tunisian crochet and it's neat to see how much it resembles knitting.  See?

I don't have a photo of the reverse side of this fabric but it looks just like the "wrong" side of stockinette stitch fabric.

I'm also knitting a wool sweater for my hot water bottle.  Most of you probably know what a hot water bottle is, but I've recently talked to some people who didn't know.  All I can say is that they are AWESOME for warming up your bed on a cold wintry night, or for easing muscle pain and such.  I used to wrap mine in an old wool sweater until I finally decided to knit a cover for it.  The wool helps keep it warm through the night.  I think it looks great so far and I am very much looking forward to using it once it is finished.

But for now, I'M finished.  It's way past bedtime, so off I go.  


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