Saturday, November 02, 2013

Warm woolies

One of the things I love most about fall and winter is scoping out all of the wonderful warm sweaters, hats, scarves, etc that people wear, whether they are handmade or not.  Here's a sweater that I spotted yesterday:

I love the cable patterns and the toggle buttons. The wearer said it's a store-bought sweater, and he liked it so much that he bought another one in a charcoal gray. Stay tuned for more photos of neat knits throughout the season.

In other knitting news, I am *this close* to finishing the blue sweater, and I imagine I can get that all done this weekend. All that's left is to --
  • bind off the button band
  • make button loops, and sew them on
  • add the buttons
  • graft underarm seams
  • weave in ends

It's also time to shift into high gear on the "finish all the things" project. I decided that I need to make a serious effort to finish many of the WIPs that are piling up. Several pairs of socks, a few sweaters, a couple of hats ... you get the idea.  Just look at that list over there -->.  As a matter of fact, I was looking for some yarn in my stash last night and found a hat project hat isn't even on the list.  Time to whip my WIPs into shape! The plan is to finish as many items as I can by the end of the year and report here. I hope you'll be motivated to plow through your own projects that may be hibernating. And I am counting on you to cheer me on!

But before I settle in for more knitting on this cool, dreary Saturday, there is some housework and other "life maintenance" stuff that has to get done.  Stay warm, guys!


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  1. Greggor is a great model, too. I'm dying to try to reverse engineer that sweater. Hope to see you in your gorgeous blue sweater this coming week!


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