Friday, August 13, 2004


[ mood meter -- HAPPY ]

that's right, kids, mzundercover is 29 today. i love birthdays, anybody's birthday, but mine especially. i'm blessed and grateful to mark another year and i pray that i, my family, friends and loved ones continue to be safe, prosperous, happy and healthy. amen.

now. some of you may be wondering what JWJ gave me as a present. well wonder no more! i was good and i didn't snoop all around the house while he was gone on business this week :-) once he gave it to me i found out that it was pretty much right under my nose the whole the hall closet! shame on me for not knowing, but i promised i wouldn't look so i had to keep my word. hell, your word is all ya got! okay okay i won't keep you in suspense any longer. look at my new toy:

man oh man. next week i'm off to the fabric dept at wal-mart. i already have a couple of too-big skirts (one denim, one khaki) that i've been wanting to turn into nice tote bags. then there's that needle holder in the stitch n bitch book i wanna make. who knows what's next?

i'm reminded of my great-auntie who's no longer with us. she sewed and crocheted. i actually taught myself to crochet because by the time i figured out i wanted to learn, her eyesight was bad and she couldn't teach me. so now i'm gonna learn to sew in honor of her. take it easy, auntie, love you!

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  1. I am soooo longing for a sewing machine. was looking at them via e-bay with the boyfriend on last night. I think i can convince him to buy me one ;)

    I've e-mailed you the patterns for the baby afghan. Let me know when you get them.



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