Sunday, August 01, 2004

new favorite yarn store

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i just got hip to a new-to-me yarn store yesterday. it's called the yarn shop and it's in columbus, ohio. actually i went there once before but it was years ago and i was in a hurry so i didn't spend more than about1.5 minutes in there. anyway, one of my best friends and i went there yesterday and had a -great- time. we are both fairly new to knitting (been doing it less than a year) and needed help finding appropriate yarn for patterns. the ladies there were very friendly and helpful. they had so many different yarns, books, patterns, even knitted/crocheted items for sale! we were like kids in a candy store! turns out that i didn't even buy yarn for a sweater i want to make; i raided the binsin the clearance section instead :-) i got about 5 balls of regia sock yarn (can i make a pair of socks from one ball of this stuff?) and about 6 balls of some lovely soft pink yarn called solero. got this for $2/ball. now you see why i LOVE clearance bins! i think i'll use this to make some pretty pink socks for my nieces. and maybe a pair for me!


  1. You need 2 balls of Regia for one pair of adult socks. It's one of the things that ticks me off about most sock yarn, but they do turn out beautifully.

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM GMT-5

    I've been to that LYS! They had a great selection of sock yarns and were very friendly to me too. I also enjoyed Wolfe Fiber Arts which isn't that far away. I don't get to Columbus much, but those two stores are on my "must visit" list.


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