Thursday, August 19, 2004

look at jordi 2 :-)

giiiirrrrrrrrllll, i'm on a roll with these bags! i made another one tonight with the top half of the skirt that i used for jordi 1. it's slouchier than i'd like it to be (probably cuz i didn't use...what's it called?...interfacing). it's a bit bigger than i want too. but if i had cut the sides to make it narrower, the pockets would be gone and i love pockets. granted, these pockets are probably not very functional on the bag, but they're still cool. i wish this skirt had back pockets. but never fear. the khaki skirt that's next to go under the needle has back pockets. i'll have to decide how to handle those. at any rate i think it'd be best to make a purse like jordi 2 out of the skirt or pants of a "skinny minnie." i had more junk in my trunk when this skirt fit :-)

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  1. ooh la-la! i wish i were as sewing-endowed as you :P


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