Friday, August 06, 2004

spare a ball of sock yarn, ma'am?

please, if you can help me out, that would be SO cool. i'll pay shipping and/or send you a ball of something neat from my stash! [note to self: this is also what you get for getting stuff from the clearance bins -- who knew that i couldn't make a complete pair of sox with only one ball of yarn?! oh well, live & learn.]

specifically, what i'm looking for is:
  • 1 ball of regia jacquard [color 5294 -- this has white, gray, tan, pink, light blue and yellow.]
  • 1 ball of lane cervinia forever jacquard [color 20 -- this has red, black, gray and white. this would make nice pair of sox for an OSU Buckeyes fan!]

    thanks much!

    birthday countdown: 7 days

    JWJ and i were talking and he says, "did i tell you i got your birthday gift?"

    "yeah. what is it?"

    "i told you i'm not telling."

    now at this point i'm thinking to myself, "then why'd you bring it up?" but instead i asked...

    "give me one clue."

    he thinks for a second and says, "it was damn expensive."

    oh yeah, that narrows it down.

    "was it on my amazon wish list?

    "i'm not saying anything else."

    "is it in the house somewhere?"

    he says nothing.

    "well, i'll look for it next week while you're gone."

    "i'm gonna lock in it my car and take the keys."

    oh....well....alrighty then.

    guess i'll be waiting until next friday!
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