Thursday, December 23, 2004

aw man.

[ mood meter -- christmasy ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- motown christmas CD ]

how pretty is THIS?

mz just might be making one of these. what a bandwagon jumper.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM GMT-5

    Oh, those beautiful clappers you se everywhere on the blogosphere... I'm resisting the temptation, though. I prefer to admire them from afar.


  2. Anonymous8:40 PM GMT-5

    Oh, by the way, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! (How come I forgot on my last comment?)

  3. I love it!!! Is that the Clapotis? You did a great job. Sorry to hear about your computer. It stinks to life without one. Hope it works sometime in the near future.


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