Wednesday, December 29, 2004

mz is bummed with a capital B

[ mood meter -- BUMMED ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- Sabac Red --"Sabacolypse Now" ]

y'all, this is turning into the worst vacation i've had in my little short life. with all the power outages we've had here (due to ice storms, etc), the power supply on my computer has gone bad! all this after i got a brand new flat panel monitor for christmas. i'm so bummed. my honey was working on fixing it earlier, and smoke started spewing out. i pray to god my hard drive isn't entire life is on there. the book i'm writing, my poems and short stories, resume and CV, photos and TONS of music (over 2000 songs!!). i cried for like an hour. he doesn't think the hard drive is damaged, but he's not sure. he's been looking around online for a new motherboard, processor and power supply so he can rebuild my machine...that will run around $500 minimum that i just don't have lying around. especially after christmas.

so for now i'm using his work laptop, but it's not the same as my 'puter!

in other news, yesterday i used my christmas loot to buy yarn to knit my first sweater! i'm planning to make the "bare that belly" sweater from "the yarn girls' guide to simple knits." i have to be honest. i'm SO scared...this is completely new knitting territory for me. this is my 2nd choice sweater...the one i really -wanted- to make called for manos de uruguay yarn...for the amount i would have needed it would have cost me about $135. i wouldn't mind spending that kinda money but since this is my first effort i thought it wise to choose something more
affordable. my LYS didn't have another yarn that would knit at the same gauge so i chose a different sweater. now, the yarn for the 2nd choice sweater would have been at least as expensive as the manos, but luckily they had another yarn that would would work...and i wouldn't have to use 2 strands of it as the pattern calls for! anyway, i'm a bit modest so i intend to make the sweater a little longer so i'm not
baring my belly. that would not be a pretty sight.

oh this is funny now...yesterday i was knitting and BROKE a knitting needle (it was plastic). so i dug around my needle stash and found another pair...and i broke one of those too. so i dug around again and found another pair...this time in aluminum. i betcha i can't break those! i'm bidding on a set of denise interchangeables on ebay. i look forward to getting a set of those because i'm not all that crazy about straight needles unless they're short ones (8-10 inches). any longer than that and they get on my nerves!

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