Sunday, December 05, 2004

new project!

whoops! when i first posted this picture, i neglected to say anything about it!

this is the beginning of jay's scarf. i've modified a pattern from the "knit scarves!" book. the original is a scarf with 3 wide 6-stitch stockinette panels, and 2 2-stitch purl sections in between them. i wanted something a little fancier, but still plain enough that he would like it. i added a few stitches to allow for a 3-stitch garter border up each side. the middle panel has a 6-stitch right-twist cable, bordered on each side by 3 purl stitches (so essentially it's a 12-stitch section). it may be one of his christmas gifts, but since i've never seen him wear a scarf in all the 4 years i've known him, i thought i'd better show it to him so he could tell me whether he likes it! he does, and he said he definitely would wear it. that, my friends, makes me a happy girl. i did warn him that he may not get this for christmas but that he definitely would get it before the weather turns warm :-)

i plan to write up the pattern sometime -after- the holidays. i love scarves and might make one for me too. when i do, i'll write down the directions (this is my FIRST TIME designing and writing a pattern!) and share!


  1. Oh, I love curly yarn. What is it going to be?


  2. Anonymous6:09 PM GMT-5

    The garter edge is a good addition. I find that most yarn tends to curl with plain stockinette edges. I usually do a seed stitch or a garter edge to prevent curling.


  3. Hi Eboni! I hope you don't mind if I check out your blog. I've got to get on the bandwagon with the knitter's geek code. :)

    Isn't it exciting to design and write a pattern? I've only done it a couple of times, with really simple ideas. But it felt good. I hope to do more of that, too.


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