Wednesday, December 01, 2004


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i got my reality check this morning when i realized that it is december 1. how in the world am i going to get everything knitted that i want to have knitted by christmas? oh i swear i really should have started on christmas gifts in january like i -said- i was gonna. i wanted to avoid this "knit like a madwoman" syndrome that i'm suffering from now. -sigh- well. not to mention all the baking i plan to do (cookies, bread, pies) for christmas gifts.
so i decided...

today i surrender.

i knit for pleasure...the pleasure of feeling the yarn in my hands...the pleasure of creating something beautiful from simple materials...the pleasure of getting into my zone, and easing the stress and pressure of everyday life...the pleasure of giving hand-knitted items to people i love and who will appreciate them. i am NOT a knitting factory, for heaven's sake. what gets done, gets done. i promise that i will start christmas knitting in january so i can knit at my leisure, and still have time to also make things i want to make for myself (and boy is that a long list!).

and that's all i have to say about that.


  1. Well said, a hobby is not supposed to be stressful. I don't start my knitting gifts on January (I usually wait until September or October), but I knit only two presents every year, and it's usually small things that I know I'll finish on time. Keep chillin!

    Pioggia (cheapknitter)

  2. I had planned a ton of knitting for the holidays but when my mother died in October, I gave up. Now all the things I was planning will be made whenever and I will just give them to people when I finish them. I figure it will mean more without the holiday attached anyway.


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