Sunday, February 20, 2005

look at her now

i am so stoked about my clapotis! look how pretty she is! i frogged and fixed whatever mistake i i'm going great. i've only completed 2 repeats of the increase section, 4 and a half more repeats left before i start the straight section. can't wait to start droppin those stitches. sorry for the fuzziness of the pic; i can't find the cable that would let me transfer pics from the digital camera to the computer. :-(

my clapotis after 2 sets of increases Posted by Hello

i've been making more comfortghan squares for DRU. this batch will have a lot of scarlet and gray, in anticipation of my upcoming interview at The Ohio State University Libraries. i'm excited...and nervous...and anxious...but mostly excited. the interview is on 1 march so if you could spare a few extra good vibes, i'd appreciate it. i'll even return the favor and pass some good vibes on to someone else. it's all about keeping the karma good :-)

i better get going. gonna hang out with mom and SIL. i don't really wanna but i guess i better so that i don't get accused of being anti-social. me? anti-social? yeah sometimes. i mean today is a perfect day to sit and knit knit knit!


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM GMT-5

    dontcha wish you could just sit and knit, knit, knit *every* day?
    robin :)

  2. Is that really a clapotis? It sorta looks like a bikini bottom!


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