Tuesday, February 22, 2005

yeah i'm hard-headed. so what?

[ mood meter -- tired. borderline cranky. ]

yes, i know i don't need to start any new projects. i've already got a buncha projects on the needles. but i signed up for a DRU cloth exchange for march and decided to start a cloth for that. i'm making a pretty petal cloth. i figure, it will help me learn how to do short rows, which i've never done AND it will give me a head start on my exhange. that's a good thing, right? riiiiiiiight.

i was talking to my momma today and we decided we're going to have a party when our girl martha stewart gets outta prison. that will be fun. fancy food. pretty flower arrangements. starched table linens. our men will surely thing we have lost our minds. but what's new? :-)

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