Friday, February 04, 2005

not one of the "cool" kids

[ mood meter -- sick ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- some folks having a meeting in the conference room ]

okay so lately i've seen these memes going around the web on various sites, particularly on the various crafty blogs i often read. apparently how it works is that you get "tagged" by someone, so you answer the questions as they relate to you, then you "tag" someone else, yada yada yada.

apparently, mz is not one of the "cool" kids -- she has yet to be tagged by someone! it's alright though. mz is pretty thick-skinned and knows it ain't personal. and just to prove i'm a good sport, i might just start my very own meme this weekend...provided i'm feeling better.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM GMT-5

    Don't fret Eboni, I haven't been tagged either. We're just cool in a different way !


  2. Hi, MZ.. I'm a way newer blogger than you, but I got tagged the easy way. Sharon over at Shazzas Knits put up an "open" tag - if you read her list, you were to consider yourself tagged, so I did. I don't know all that many other bloggers either so I put the same open invitation at the end of my post.

  3. I am a new blogger amd a new knitter....I have not yet been tagged. Don't feel bad. Maybe all of us "uncool" kids should get together!

  4. Another one that didn't get tagged. Thing is I don't care for these memes anyway, so I probably would be irritated if I did. I say, if you want to play, start your own play group! You'll cool enough to pull it off.


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