Friday, May 26, 2006

all moved in!!

yay!! my move went smoothly (thank goodness) and i'm all unpacked and settling in nicely. here's a pic of my kitchen:

very soon i'll be getting a new fridge ... notice how the doors open -away- from the kitchen instead of towards it? well, one of the maintenance guys came to switch it around but then it didn't seal correctly. PLUS it's not a frost-free fridge (what the...?) so i will be getting another one soon. for now it's opens the way i want it to and that makes life easier and more convenient.

once i get some of my pics hung up (thanks, anthony!), i'll post more pics of my lovely apartment!

bye for's time for mz to eat lunch :-)


  1. Eboni, I got my package from you,
    THANK YOU!!! *Hugs*

    Please e-mail me your new address, so I can send you a thank-you gift!


  2. Anonymous4:08 PM GMT-5

    I sent it off yesterday! You should get it by this weekend. :)

    Take Care!


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