Thursday, May 11, 2006


y'all know i'm packing and getting ready to move next week right? well i have come to the conclusion that i MUST pack up the one skein of yarn and the one pair of needles that i intentionally left unpacked. i did this so that on my "packing breaks" i could have a little something to do. wellllll, if i don't pack the yarn and needles then knitting will be ALL i do, in true mz. procrastinator fashion. last night when i came home, i had every intention to start taking apart my desk. but what did i do instead? i ate dinner (a chicken pot pie), then cozied up with my knitting and an episode of "criminal minds." at this rate the rest of the packing/throwing away/organizing/etc will never get done. so tonight, the one skein of yarn and the one pair of needles (my FAVORITE pair, incidentally), and the two knitting pattern books (oh i didn't mention those earlier, did i? ooops!) will be banished into one of the boxes that are already filled with yarn and books and magazines and WIPs so that I will have nothing to do BUT pack/throw stuff away/organize/etc.

-sigh- it's gonna be a long week.

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  1. Anonymous9:23 AM GMT-5

    How are you? I can tell you are busy, 'cause I would have heard from you by now! U need to stop by and "See" my new post! {I got some pics from the yarn you gave me!}

    Take Care! ;)


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