Friday, May 05, 2006

okay so i bought a knitting book

twice a year, the library where i work has a huge book sale. hardcovers for $2, paperbacks for $1. on the last day of the sale, though, you can get a box or bag full of books (any size box or bag you want) for $5. so. i went and got a ton of romance novels for my bestest friend. it'll cost me more to send them to her than it cost me to buy 'em! anyway, whenever i go to anywhere that's selling books, my first instinct is to sniff out the knitting and crochet books! anyhoo, this is one of the 3 books i got for myself: Books: The Complete Book of Knitting

it's the second-to-last thing i need, next to another cookbook! i bought it mostly cuz it was almost free, but also for the stitch dictionary in the back. and technically i don't need that either since i have several others. but since those are all packed away in a box somewhere, i figured this little indulgence wouldn't kill me :-)

and speaking of boxes, i need to go work on packing up the kitchen. later, taters!

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  1. you know, you can't beat a good cheap technical knitting reference.


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