Monday, November 27, 2006

4 year WIP -- done!!

i started this christmas tree skirt 4 years ago -- November 2002. i started a few months after getting engaged, and hoped to get it done in time for our first Christmas as an engaged couple. yeah i know, i get sappy sometimes! anyway, i got a lot of it done in that first month or so, but not in time for Christmas 2002. so i let it languish in the WIP pile and thought maybe i'd get it done in time for Christmas 2003. well by that time the wedding was called off blah blah blah and i was SO not interested in finishing it. in the WIP pile it stayed until this past Friday night. i realized that i was SO CLOSE to finishing it, and decided that now was as good a time as any to "get 'r done!" and here it is, under mz's newly decorated christmas tree:


  1. Aww, looks great!

  2. It looks great, eboni! You can enjoy that for many years to come!


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