Wednesday, November 15, 2006

she's a dance dance dance dance dancin' machine...

y'all might remember that last summer i started salsa dancing on a fairly regular basis. well, like i do on most tuesday nights (as my busy schedule allows), i got dressed and went to the dance hall. i walked in, greeted a couple of friends, and went to the bar. joe, my favorite bartender, made me a deeeelicious margarita and i sat back down at a table. the beginning of the night is usually pretty slow. last night there were LOTS of people, but not many who were actually dancing. so i sat there, sipping my drink, and feeling the vibe of the place.

as i was sitting there in "chill" mode, i saw this tall, attractive fellow that i hadn't seen before. i kept my eye on him as i watched him dance. he was oh so smooth, i could tell he was having fun! yeah, before long i had decided that i'd like to dance with him before the night was over.

not too long after i made up my mind, here he was at my table, asking if i'd like to dance. i said, "sure!" but in my mind i was thinking, "hell yeah i would!" :-) i took his hand and followed him to the dance floor.

wow. this fellow was good. he led, and for the most part i did what he led me to do. it was easy. it flowed. even though he is waaaaaayyyy taller than me (even in my high high heels), dancing with him wasn't awkward. i've danced with tall guys before and it was pretty much a disaster LOL but not this time. he adapted, and it was almost like the height difference didn't exist. all i could think was wow. i wanted to dance with this guy all night...

...and aside from a couple of breaks for cold water and a quick trip outside for fresh air, that's exactly what happened. one dance led to another, and to another and before i knew it, the band was playing the final song of the night.

haha you don't think that was IT, do ya? of COURSE not! we exchanged business cards, and he walked me to my car. we said our good nights, and that we'd look forward to seeing and dancing with each other again soon. too bad he has to work saturday, cuz i invited him to come with me to a friend's house to watch "The Game."

when we got to my car, i handed him my key, and he graciously unlocked and opened my door, closed it once i was in, and waited until my car started. mz just loves it when a man knows how to be a gentleman. that speaks volumes.

so anyway, that's all i will say about that. my feet ache, and my legs are a little sore ... that's what i get for dancing in 3-inch heels all night. but i had a great time!

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  1. Ooooo, he sounds like a great guy. Sounds like you had a really fun evening dancing with him. Hope things work out with your schedules so you can go dancing again and get to know each other better. Sorry about the sore feet and legs, but sounds like you didn't mind all that wonderful dancing.


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