Saturday, November 11, 2006

the beginning of a baby hat

so last night i finished up my red socks (which my feet totally love, by the way!), and have a lot of yarn left over. i remembered that i have a lonely ball of "forever jacquard" sock yarn that in red, gray, white and black. so.... being the fabulous auntie that i am, i decided that my cuddlebug needs a hat to wear while he's cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes! here's what it looks like so far:

i'd also like to make a hat for cuddlebug's 3-year-old brother (who doesn't have a nickname yet), and maybe some baby socks for my other nephew who i will meet for the first time christmas (he doesn't have a nickname yet either!).

guess i better knit faster, cuz instead of starting stuff, i'm SUPPOSED to be on a finishing spree to finish up all these languishing WIPs!!!

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