Friday, November 17, 2006

all this for $20?

yup, you read that right. i got ALLLLL the yarn in that pile for $20. a friend of mine told me that there was yarn @ big lots, so you know me, i promptly went to see what i could see. there was a big yellow bin with a ton of yarn. it had been pretty well picked over, but i found 20 balls of this bernat galaxy yarn for $1 apiece. here's proof:

i don't remember the names of the colors i got but i now have a bunch of a nice reddish color, some in a dark gray color, and a few in a purply color. i've started knitting up the red in size 15s. i need a nice new looooooooog red scarf. this stuff fits the bill.

i just can't pass up a bargain like this...especially on yarn!

in other news, mz went dancing again last night. had a great time at this little spot called Due Amici. it's an italian restaurant, but they had a cozy little area adjacent to the eating area that had a dj and salsa dancing. the fellow i danced with the other night called me up and asked me if i'd like to go. i did. and we danced. a LOT. i was sweating in places that i didn't know i -could- sweat. but it was soooo much fun. a couple of folks mentioned that we dance well together, which is a fine compliment since i don't think i'm all that good! but practice makes perfect, right? riiiiiight.

speaking of practice, i'd LOVE to go to chicago in february. if at all possible i am SO there!


  1. I hit up Big Lots a lot since I found out they sold yarn. You can find some great deals there. Looks like you've scored.

    Guess where I'm going after work.

  2. Congrats! I'm going to have to check out my local Big Lots and see what I can see.


  3. Anonymous5:02 PM GMT-5

    Love the scarf you started. Good buy on the yarn. So happy you had another fun night dancing with Tall Guy. Can't wait to read the next installment of MZ and Mr. Tall Guy


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