Monday, February 18, 2008

new project



i PROMISED myself that i wouldn't start anything new until i freakin' FINISHED something, but ... after spending a small fortune to buy 6 pairs of addi turbos i just HAD to start a sock using cat bordhi's 2 circ method. just. had. to. so i did and it's going gangbusters. i've already knitted up about an inch of 2x2 ribbing, and according to cat's pattern i have 5 more inches to go. so now that i've got the hang of it, i will leave it alone for a while so that i can finish the baby blanket for my friend malissa, or that hand towel for my bathroom. the crocheted log cabin blanket is definitely a longer-term WIP and doesn't really count. but for pete's sake, i gotta finish something already. start-itis really does get the best of me ... finish-itis rarely does. anyhoo, i will post a pic of the sock once i get a little further into it, k?


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