Thursday, February 21, 2008

a reason to celebrate

i know that this is mostly a knitting blog, but sometimes i can't help but post about real life.

earlier this evening i had dinner with my honey. he is a really good cook, and he made jambalaya ... how could i say no? anyway after dinner, we were just sitting together, cuddling, talking and basically being all lovey-dovey, and he said that tomorrow (which is really today now) was the fourth anniversary of his quitting drinking. he has told me horror stories of his drinking days and i wouldn't wish any of that stuff on my worst enemy. making the decision to quit was pretty easy, from what he has told me ... he was tired of the hangovers, the headaches, the feeling crappy, and all the other stuff he piled on top of the liquor, just to try to feel better. i imagine that the actual quitting wasn't quite as easy as the deciding to quit, but he did it and hasn't looked back. i realize that being that guy has maybe helped to shape who he is today and i am SO thankful that *this* is the guy that i know and love.

happy anniversary, baby!

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