Tuesday, February 12, 2008

so. much. fun!

okay. so this past weekend was full ... of ... knitting. here's how it went down:

* friday : met up with friends for knitters night out at heavenly creations, a LYS here in columbus. there were close to 20 of us there, knitting, crocheting, laughing, talking, and of course buying stuff! i ended up buying 4 skeins of plymouth encore chunky, so that i can cast on for a palindrome scarf. afterwards four of us went for a late dinner at noodles.

* saturday : woke up early, piddled around my apartment, surfing the web, doing a wee little bit of housework. around 3pm, my best friend, her mom and my downstairs neighbor gathered at my place for a whole afternoon of knitting, eating (pizza, potato chips & dip, soda and beer!), and lots and lots of laughing. i think it was around 9 or so when the party broke up.

* sunday : my best friend and some of our knitting friends had a fantastic lunch at buca di beppo. what could be better? friends, grrrrreat pasta, amazing wine, cheesy garlic bread ... it was just amazing. then we headed off to nationwide arena for sticks n stitches. the blue jackets lost and i didn't win a ravelry bag. BUT it was still a really fun time!

i think that was the best weekend of the entire year so far.

in other news i've finally made it to the toe decreases on eric's second sock. my honey will soon have a whole PAIR! can't wait for him to put them on. i will definitely take pictures of him wearing them :-)

i'd better get back to knitting. ordinarily i'd be thinking about going to bed right around now, but that 2 hour nap i took today pretty much messed me up. i will stay up until i finish the sock, then maybe i will work on one of my other WIPs. i can't wait to get some of this stuff finished ... i'm itchin' to cast on for something new!


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