Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Mr's 2013 hat

It has recently occurred to me that I've been making hats for myself and my Mr. every year.  I only thought of this as I was knitting this year's hat. He has mentioned that hats I've knitted in the past weren't warm enough, so I poked around Ravelry until I found just the thing that should be perfect: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Very Warm Hat. This is a double-layered, reversible hat and is indeed very warm. You start by knitting a hat. When you're done, you pick up stitches along the cast-on edge and knit another hat.  You'll get a something that looks very much like this (note that the second hat is not quite finished).

Once both hats are finished, you just stuff one inside the other and ta-da!  A double-thick, reversible, very warm hat!  Last night I was cruising along on hat #2 and tried it on even though the decreases aren't quite finished:

It'll only take a little while to finish. I can't wait to give it to the Mr. I think he will love it.  And then I will cast on a hat for me, except that I will use fuchsia and charcoal gray and will knit skulls, crossbones and hearts into mine.  It's my own design, and one of these days I'll make it available on Ravelry. 

Happy Sunday, and happy knitting!


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