Monday, March 14, 2005

about that job...

good morning, everyone:

i -just- got an email from one of the assistant directors of the library whom i've been in touch with throughout the application/interview process. she tells me that the library director (who will make the final hiring decision) was on a much-needed vacation last week. she says she should be able to get back to me this week regarding my status. i was hoping to hear something -today- but y'all know that patience has never been one of my virtues :-)

thank you all again for your prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes regarding this...keep 'em coming! i'm excited about the opportunity. i've been waiting for this exact opportunity for about 4 years. it would be nice to have a permanent, tenure-track position, but this is the proverbial "foot in the door" that i have been looking for. i know that God leads us where we are supposed to be, so all i need to do right now is to listen to Him and then do what He says (James 1:22)!

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  1. Anonymous3:48 PM GMT-5

    I hope you hear soon. I have been working in a library for the past 3 years, and love it. It is the first job that I have always wanted to go to, and that I have done extra, unpaid work for. It is also the one that really makes me regret not getting my BSc, cause I would go back for my Masters in a heartbeat. Right now, I am considering doing a library tech program.


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