Sunday, March 13, 2005

but i don't NEED another hobby

so today before our scheduled family dinner, my momma dragged me to some jewelry and bead show. "i just have to run right in and get one thing!" yeah, right. understand, i've known my momma my whole life (almost 30 years) and a long time ago i learned not to believe her when she says she'll be "right back." so we go into the show and start looking around...turned into two and a half hours but it was fun :-) she has recently gotten into making her own jewelry, which i think is very cool. my momma is very artsy, must be where i get it.

since she is beginning to make her own jewelry, she is selling off the jewelry and stuff that she no longer wants on ebay. i took a look at her "for sale" pile and picked out a few things, including about 60 or so millefiori beads (see pic). like i said i'm not interested in jewelry making, instead i will use them to make....STITCH MARKERS! it's a perfect complement to my knitting hobby, so it's easy to justify :-) here's a (bad) picture of what my new beads look like:

millefiori means a thousand flowers...i think. Posted by Hello

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