Sunday, March 13, 2005


all the knitting and crocheting on the round baby blanket is finished. wheeeeee! this is actually my very first time blocking anything. it's all laid out and pinned on the livingroom floor...that's the room that is absolutely used the least. i think it's probably a bit small even for a newborn baby but i was afraid that if i took much longer making it, the baby would outgrow it before it was "big enough" :-) even those of us without children know that babies grow like weeds! she probably won't be able to be swaddled in it, but i figure it can cover her when she's in her stroller or carseat, when she's napping or when the new mommy is nursing her. in any case, i do hope that little miss skyler likes it.

whole blanket

center detail

yarn over detail

shell-stitch detail


  1. That's gorgeous -- and it seems like you were just looking for a pattern a few days ago! Did you use a published pattern, or make it up on your own? Small blankets are great for new babies, especially for the stroller and carseat.

  2. Beautiful! Little Miss Skyler will love it! Her mom will, too.


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