Friday, June 11, 2010

Blew it on NaBloPoMo

So I missed posting for Thursday because we have apparently been adopted by a new kitty who found his way to our house.  What a sweetheart he is!  We were discussing what we should do (keep him? if so, let him inside for the night?  if so, where to keep him until we can get him to the vet tomorrow?).  That conversation took more than a few minutes!  Meantime, the other cats were all wary of the new guy (who's a black cat that reminds me a bit of Bordhi from French Creek Fiber Arts (sorry, there's no pic of him there).  Anyway, I tried to get a good pic of the new guy but he was too busy burying his face in the food bowl and nuzzling up to me to be bothered to pose for a photo!  The biggest personality conflict is between Tiger and the as yet unnamed new kitty.  At one point they were both out on the back deck and we couldn't manage to get Tiger inside (she really doesn't like the 2 other cats that live here too, let alone this little newcomer -- who's still intact!) so decided to leave them alone for a while and try to get her inside later.  Well, a few minutes later I went back out to check on them and they're both gone!  So I dunno where they are if they're busy mating (even though she's been fixed) or tearing each other to shreds (although I didn't hear any indication of either scenario).  What I know is that it's after 1am and I'm tired as all hell but it feels weird trying to sleep with only 2/3 of our kitties inside.

In any case, I will keep trying to post every day this month, even though I blew it.  At least I made it for a few more days than the last time I tried to do this in November 2009.  Gonna go try to find my cat so I can finally go to bed.


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