Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Great Lakes Fiber Show haul #1

So I thought I would start off NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) with a series of posts about the wooly goodness that came home with me from the Great Lakes Fiber Show on Saturday.  Nevermind that June's theme is NOW -- I'm a procrastinator anyway so maybe I'll get around to NOW sometime later :-)

Anyhoo, this lovely sock yarn is from Creatively Dyed Yarn.

The yarn is called Sami, but unfortunately I don't know the colorway because it's not labeled.  But lemme tell ya, it's beautiful.  Kind of beet red/purple, which I don't have any of in my wardrobe anywhere but it doesn't really matter (sorry I can't get a better picture ... the sun's gone down so there's no natural light).  It will make some lovely socks.  Not NOW because I have a bunch of other WIPs that I need to finish up. Including ...

  • Eric's socks.  Currently knitting down the foot of sock #2.
  • May baby sweater.  All that's left is to finish up the body and knit the sleeves.
  • XOXO scarf for Nyketa.  Maybe if I get my act together I can finish by the end of June.  Especially since she asked for it for Christmas 2009!
  • Clapotis.  Beautiful, pink Clapotis knitted in lace-weight Malabrigo.  On size 0 or 1.  Something *really* small.  So yeah, it is pretty much taking forever.  Well, that and the fact that I haven't knitted on it since like, November maybe?  Yeah.
  • Top-down pullover for me.  Body's all finished, gotta knit sleeves.  Easy mindless knit, but it's 100% worsted weight wool and it's been in the 80s here lately.  This might go into hibernation until after summer.  But then again, if I just finish it, it will be ready to wear come Autumn/Winter when I'll really need it.
  • Thrummed mittens.  I started these just as spring was approaching then it got too warm for thrummed mittens so I put them aside.  Will pick them up in Autumn for sure, and then knit a pair for my Momma.  She lives in the desert southwest so why she wants some wool thrummed mittens is beyond me but I will knit them because she asked!  Better yet, maybe I'll knit some for her next month while I'm visiting.  It'll be a good reason to go to a yarn shop for some Noro Kureyon and roving!
Okay NOW, I'm gonna wrap up this post and get ready for bed.  Unfortunately, my bike isn't ready for me to start biking to work.  I was really looking forward to being able to do that, but I will also enjoy a little extra sleep in the morning.  And the quicker I get to bed, the more sleep I'll get.  Boy do I like that arrangement.  

Ciao for now, talk to you again tomorrow.


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