Thursday, June 03, 2010

Guess what I did today!

I rode 15 miles on my bike.  That's almost all the way to work and back.  The only reason I didn't go all the way to campus is that the sun was setting and I wanted to get home before dark (I'm kind of a wimp).  I'm pretty sure that starting tomorrow I'm going to bike to work daily (or mostly daily).  I won't ride in the rain because -- like I said -- I'm kind of a wimp.

My backpack is all packed with my usual daily essentials -- wallet, keys, work ID, makeup bag, iPod, cell phone and knitting (not like I can knit and ride but knitting goes with me everywhere -- it's kind of like my security blanket!).  The only other detail that I haven't quite worked out yet is work clothes.  I certainly don't want to bike in them, and as of now, at least, I don't have a change of fresh work clothes at my office. I think I will just toss some clothes in the backpack and leave it at that.  I can refine this whole process as needed over time, yes?

I would show you my next batch of goodies from the fiber show but I just can't get a good photo so I'll try again tomorrow when there's some (hopefully) good natural light so that I can capture truer colors.

Right now, however, I must get ready for bed ... and get ready for tomorrow.  Until then ...


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