Saturday, June 05, 2010

Training for Tour de Fleece!

Have you all heard of Star Athena's Tour de Fleece?  It's an online spin-along that happens at the same time as the Tour de France.  "The concept is simple, They spin, we spin. A real spinning themed spin-along."  Sounds so cool, right?

So I decided yesterday that I need to "train" for this event.  I so wish I had a Majacraft Suzie Pro that could be properly "christened" for this event but I don't so I will be using a drop spindle.  I finally broke out my new Louet  top whorl spindle that I bought last year during the Yarn Discovery Tour.  It's SO much better than the student spindle I'd been using.  Anyway, I started training last night and as of this afternoon I have this: 

I am using some Punta wool from Highland Handmades.  I just found out that Punta is a region in South America, not a type of sheep!  Anyway, this colorway is called "Harbinger" and I love it!  It's shades of red with a wee bit of purple and a teensy bit of palest pink.  Isn't it spinning up nicely?

I read a blog post from Girl Meets Needle today and she was talking about pre-drafting some yarn that she's spinning for a shawl and I'm like oooooooh.  So I did some pre-drafting but then I couldn't wait to spin.  It's still a little lumpy, and the spots where I'm joining new fiber are a little awkward but it looks like yarn doesn't it!  This is a refreshing change from spinning plain undyed fiber.  I thought maybe I should save the pretty dyed stuff until I get more skilled at spinning but nevermind that foolishness!  I've no clue what this lovely stuff will become once it's all spun up.  Maybe a cowl or a hat or ... ?

So maybe I'll go pre-draft some more, or knit for a while.  Either way I will be dreaming of the day when I have a spinning wheel of my very OWN!


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